A Brief Note on Specialized Bikes

Specialized is a mountain bike manufacturing company established in 1974. Since then, the company has been producing a range of rider bikes for bike lovers.

You can find Specialized bikes among the world-leading racers around the globe, including World Cups, The Tour De France, and The Olympics. Since, specialized bikes are a safe option for beginners, novice riders, and expert cyclists.

The company manufactures mountain bikes for a variety of uses and terrains. They offer a variety of rider bikes, such as mountain bikes, gravel bikes, hybrid bikes, E-bikes, city bikes, and touring bikes. Whatever your needs, you can find the right bike for yourself from the Specialized.

Is Specialized a Trustworthy Brand? 

The brand is known for providing a high-class range of bikes. You can find their outlets worldwide. They are famous for high build quality, carbon frames, innovation, and state-of-the-art suspension technology. In other words, Specialized is a reputed company that is known for delivering high-quality bikes for bike riders around the globe. Also, there is some factor that makes the brand unique in its community, such as:

  • The company utilizes high-class materials to build bikes that last for a lifetime.
  • The company offers a lifetime warranty on its exclusive range of bikes.
  • You can take the help of 24×7 customer service to resolve the problem related to your Specialized Mountain Bike.

How Much Do Specialized Rider Bikes Cost? 

Specialized bikes can be expensive, but they come with a lifetime warranty means you can get a replacement for any mechanical or other failures. We have divided the Specialized bikes into three price categories to make it easier to find the one under your budget, including:

  • At the lower range, you can expect to get the Pitch for $480, the Rockhopper for $540, or the Sirus 1 for $600.
  • The mid-range of Specialized bikes offers Allez for $970, the Sirus 3.0 for $1144, and the Rockhopper Expert for $1325.
  • Under the higher range, you can have the S-works, Turbos, and Epic series for $10858.27plus.

If you want to buy your favorite bike at a discount, you can explore online for Specialized bikes sale and grab the deal. Many online dealers offer exclusive discounts on minimum profit margins to gain an online reputation and grow their business.

Why Are Specialized Bikes So Costly? 

Specialized bikes are expensive because they are made of using high-quality material and for a lifetime. Another reason behind the high price of bikes is the investment in research.

The reputation and quality of the brand are competitive and widely known. The lifetime warranty offered on each Specialized Mountain Bike helped build a stellar reputation and a dedicated and confident customer base, allowing prices to rise.

The bikes under the Specialized brand are famous for their frame build quality. The brand utilizes aluminum, steel, and carbon in different frame constructions of the bikes.

Additionally, the high price tag of the bikes can put off-budget, buyers. But if you’re looking for a high-quality, reliable, and durable bike, then a Specialized Mountain Bike is a great option!


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