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Advertising video-on-demand (AVOD) services are more popular than ever. With AVOD, you can use video ads to monetize your video streaming platform. You can run different types of ads on your videos across your website, mobile apps, and TV apps, as well as any other type of video ad unit supported by the video advertising platform. You can also create and manage your platform using both the Paid and Advertisement models – all from a single admin-cms. 

Based on their position or placement in the video, ads are classified as Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, or Post-Roll, i.e., before, during, or after the video has finished playing.


So, What Exactly Is AVOD?

Advertising Video on Demand (AVOD), similar to SVOD and TVOD, is a VOD streaming technology used to monetize online video. Many streaming services, such as Hulu and YouTube, offer AVOD.

Although the concept behind Advertising Video on Demand has been around since the beginning of the online video, it is not widely used by online video publishers. Several publishers prefer subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) models for monetizing their video content.

However, the advancement of mobile devices has given rise to AVOD as one of the most efficient ways to make a profit from mobile audiences.

With this, let’s dive into the concepts of pre, mid, and post-roll ads and learn more about them.


AVOD: Types Of AVOD Ads and Its Benefits 

The following are the three different types of AVOD Ads:

Pre-Roll Ads

What is a Pre-Roll Ad/Pre-Roll Advertising?

So, what is a pre-roll ad? Well, pre-roll video advertising is nothing but an advertisement that plays before the video begins to play, that’s why the word “pre” in its name. Once you click on a video to watch, if it has a pre-roll ad associated with it, the player will first play the video pre-roll before beginning to display the video that you requested.

Pre-roll video is a great way to monetize VOD content with video monetization platform and is widely used by AVOD services. 

Potential Benefits of Using Pre-Roll Ads

There are a few benefits to using pre-roll ads, which are as follows:

  • Increases Brand Awareness

One of the major benefits of pre-roll advertising is its ability to increase brand awareness. Showcasing the brand or the product before the actual content means that the customer is still engaged and curious, leaving them open to advertisements from brands they are unfamiliar with.

  • Targets the Right Audience

Pre-roll video ads are a powerful tool for reaching and engaging your target customers in a much more cost-effective way as part of a video marketing campaign.

Pre-roll advertisements target the right audience based on their interests, online behavior, location, topics, and keywords. And, because it appears at the beginning of the video before the viewers watch their desired content, they have the option of skipping it.

  • Increased Reach

Pre-roll ads help advertisers quickly attract new customers by providing a link to the advertiser’s website where they can learn more about the products featured in the ad. They can also inform potential and current customers about new product launches, special offers, and updates.

  • Cost-Effective

Pre-roll advertisements are a cost-effective way to reach customers at the right time. What makes this type of advertisement even more interesting is that it creates a better video environment by not forcing viewers to watch the ad.

  • Brand Engagement

It is more likely that the audience will be engaged and take in the information from the ad campaign if it is at the beginning of the video rather than in the middle or at the end, where customers are less likely to be engaged and have switched off.

Hope, you have got the answer to “what is a pre-roll video ads.” Now, let’s move on to the Midroll ads definition/Mid-roll ads meaning.

Mid-Roll Ads

What Is Mid-Roll Ads? 

Mid-roll advertisements are those that appear by interrupting the video playback. The video is paused, the mid-roll ad is played, and the video is resumed once the mid-roll ad is completed or skipped.

Potential Benefits of Using Mid-Roll Ads

  • Cost-Efficient

With proper setup and consideration, Mid-Roll Ads gives you complete control over your bids, placements, and strategy, so you do not have to worry about exceeding your budget.

  • Increased Audience Engagement

Mid-roll video ads are considered ‘top of the funnel’ content, which means they help increase brand awareness and drive visitors to your website.

  • Increased Ad Recall

Google has gotten much better at implementing automatic mid-roll ads and digital video ads mid-roll. Creators are welcome to enable this feature and trust that Google will show their viewers the best mid-roll ads that are relevant, semi-relevant, or inoffensive to their user base.

  • Higher Targeting Capabilities

Midroll video ads are intended to keep users’ attention, especially when displayed on mobile while they watch full-screen videos.

  • More Flexible Placement

Marketers can use videos to draw in potential customers who are looking for video content on popular platforms like YouTube and social media. This gives them an opportunity to convert these viewers into customers.

Post-Roll Ads

What Is Post-Roll Ads?

Ads in the post-roll position are those that play after the video has finished but before the next video begins to play.

Potential Benefits of Using Post-Roll Ads

  • Reach Targeted Audiences

You can easily target your audience by demographic, interests, geographic location, keywords, and language, allowing you to reach the right people at the right time.

  • Increased Brand Awareness

Post-roll advertising is a fantastic way to raise brand awareness. YouTube post-roll ads can help increase brand awareness and position your brand in the market.

  • Cost-Effective

Post-Roll Ads provide greater control over your bids, placements, and strategy, allowing you to stay within your budget.

  • User-Friendly

Advertisers can attract new customers and set up targeted campaigns in a wide range of ways depending on their specific market.

  • Measurable Results

At the conclusion of a video, postroll ads are advantageous if your advertisement is compelling and prompts the viewer to act quickly in response to your message, thus boosting your conversion rate.

  • Flexibility

Although post-roll ads are enabled by default, creators have the option to disable them at any time.

Summing Up

Find out right away if video advertisements are a good fit for your website. Save yourself the headache of having to register for several advertising networks and test them all to see which is the most efficient. Instead, benefit from the expanding market for video advertising by utilising post-roll, pre-roll, and mid-roll ad placements.

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