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What are ERC-20 tokens?

ERC20 token are fungible tokens that share a common set of rules, allowing them to be easily transferred between users and integrated with other applications and platforms that support the standard.

These are a type of smart contract that defines a set of functions for managing and transferring tokens. These functions include the ability to query the token balance of an Ethereum address, transfer tokens from one address to another, approve another address to spend tokens on your behalf, and more. Because ERC-20 tokens are standardized, they can be easily integrated with wallets, exchanges, and other applications that support the standard.

Step-By-Step Guide To Create ERC20 Token:

 Define the Token Details

The first step in creating an ERC-20 token is to define its basic details. This includes the token name, symbol, and decimals. The token name should be a descriptive name for your token. The symbol should be a shorter code that represents your token.

Choose a Development Company

Choosing the right Ethereum token development company is crucial in creating an ERC-20 token. Coin Developer India is one such company that specializes in ERC-20 token development. You can check their website and portfolio to see their previous work and experience.

 Create the Smart Contract

This token is created using a smart contract, which is essentially a program that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. You’ll need to write the smart contract code using Solidity, a programming language used for Ethereum smart contracts. Your chosen development company should be able to assist you in creating a secure and efficient smart contract for your token.

Test the Smart Contract

Before deploying the smart contract on the main Ethereum network. It is important to test it thoroughly to ensure it functions as intended. You can use test networks like Rinkeby or Ropsten to test the smart contract’s functionality and security.

 Deploy the Smart Contract

This will make your token available for trading and use by anyone who wants to use it.

This can involve creating a website and social media accounts, and engaging with potential users to promote your token.


Creating an ERC-20 token can be a complex process. But by following these steps and choosing a reliable development company that is Coin Developer India, you can create a secure and efficient token for your project.

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