Perfect Halloween Props

Halloween is just around the corner. That means by now; you should already be preparing for it. While it seems easy, finding the best props for Halloween can be quite tricky.

Everyone else is buying different items already. So, you might need something that stands out from the crowd. It could be that you are attending a Halloween party or just need something to give your home that spookiness. Whatever the case, you need some help.

When you want to buy animal jewelry, for instance, you need to know which creepy offers are available at the moment. Price aside, you should also find an alternative and get something that meets your specific needs.

Does that sound a lot? Don’t worry; we are here to help by sharing several ideas on choosing the perfect Halloween costume. We will also share a few costume ideas.

Choosing the Perfect Halloween Props

Understand that Halloween props include the decorations, the art, the environment, and everything else that creates a spooky atmosphere. So, you want to choose something that lives up to your potential. We have summarized this into two sections:

Your Needs

Halloween may be the same, but we all have different needs. If you are buying props for kids, consider that they will be trick-or-treating most of the time. It will therefore make more sense to get them costumes that match their task.

A good example is noodle costumes. Or perhaps you can have your kid put on a hug brain while others get painted like zombies. Since they will be walking from door to door, it makes much sense that everyone sees their costume.

What if you just want to decorate the inside of your house? For this, you might need more complex items. These include:

  • A cobra coffee spoon. Now come to kitchen accessories. What can make your kitchen look scarier? Have a cobra coffee spoon on one part of the kitchen and a pumpkin face jar on the other side. A cobra is not something you will mention and everyone smiles. Some people will be startled from their peace. So, this spoon that looks like a cobra head should bring out the Halloween spirit quite effectively.
  • Fake skulls. You can create the environment of an abandoned house and have fake skulls scattered all over. You can make or buy these props from your favorite shop.
  • A viper bottle opener. These festivals always include opening bottles are people celebrate in a different style. Unique bottle openers should therefore be an excellent idea. It might not seem much, but it is such small things that create the perfect Halloween environment. The opener is designed in the form of a viper’s head with fangs and jaws to open the bottle. It does exalt the Halloween spirit.
  • Cover your furniture with some white cloth. If you really want to make your house look old and abandoned, take some old white sheets and use them to cover every part of your furniture. And then make some natural holes in them to look like ghosts.


There are many other ideas you can put together. Once you start collecting the props, you will realize there is nothing hard about it. You might be surprised that some of these items are easy to make at home.

Buy or DIY

Now that you know which props you need, how do you acquire them? You have two options here: buy readymade props or make your own.

Each method has advantages and limitations. You don’t have to spend time thinking about how to make it great when you buy. Ready make Halloween props come in different shapes and styles; you can get anything you want by simply making an order.

However, you don’t have the ability to customize the props in the way you want. Some of these props come fixed, and you just have to use them the way they are. Also, it means you have to dig deeper into your pockets.

Props you can buy

  • Animal earring. Making perfect rattlesnake tail earrings or any other animal requires skills and machines. The jewelry is designed from high quality copper material and fashioned to remain attractive while drawing out the Halloween mood. If you have never seen a rattlesnake tail, then these earrings should be the perfect replica. That is why it’s better to just buy when you want to cover yourself in creepy stuff.
  • Posable skeleton. Making this complete skeleton is something else. You need the skills and the right materials to pull it together. It would be best to just buy one. This will save you from the trouble of finding the raw materials and wondering what to use in what manner.
  • Flying ghost. You can make a ghost at home, but getting it to fly is something else. You can buy something like this to make your work easier. It would not make sense to have Halloween without some ghosts around.
  • A creepy ventriloquist dummy décor. Here is something you will find worth having for this Halloween season. It’s a piece that takes a lot of putting together, so buying is the best way to have one. The technology that goes into this product creates the most sophisticated Halloween setup, and it’s sold with other items to make your investment more appealing.

DIY Halloween props, on the other hand, allow you to customize your decorations the way you want. If, for instance, you want to make a witch’s hut, you can use any material you want and add on it anything else that will make it spookier. We are talking about costumes that really play the part.

Also, handmade costumes give you a sense of pride. Wearing something you made yourself or a friend crafted for you is more fulfilling. The time that goes into making it is never taken for granted.

Props you can make

  • Kids’ Halloween crafts. Taking paper and cutting it to make bats or tying a white cloth with holes in a ball to make a ghost is quite fun for kids. You can work with them to make the best shapes, including witch art, clown art, and so much more. If you can get kids to make small ghost and put them in different parts of the house, it recreates one of the best features of any Halloween celebrations. You have the opportunity to be creative and manipulate your setup in any way you want.
  • Handmade Halloween t-shirts. Let your teens take part in something amazing by creating items they can sell later. A good example is Halloween t-shirts and trick-or-treating costumes.
  • Sitting scarecrow. Using pumpkin heads, sticks, and some old clothes, you can make a scare grow and plant it in the yard. Add in some glowing eyes, and you have something to scare passersby.
  • A hanging gargoyle. This is something you can make using a pumpkin and a rugged gown. But you can also buy one if you want it better.

Whether you buy or DIY your Halloween props, don’t forget to have fun. Enjoyment is the most important part of such festivals and should never be forgotten.

Final Thought

This is just a summary of how to choose the best props for this coming Halloween. There are many other ideas you can leverage. Start this early, and you will have an amazing time.

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