Hail Netting for Cars

Hail nets for cars work as a backup system to protect your cars from hailstorms. At Joyeyou, you can find the best hail nets for cars. It is one of the most effective techniques used to keep your cars safe. If you have faced significant damage with the changing weather and the falling of hails on your car then you must know what a huge catastrophe it is. Available in different sizes, colors, and types, Joyeyou car hail nets can save you frustration and the enormous money to repair the damages caused by the hails.

Features and Advantages

Our hail netting for cars:

  • Is UV stabilized
  • Is durable and long-lasting
  • Protects cars from the damage posed by UV rays
  • Protects against hails and other weather extremities
  • Offers  5 to 8 years of warranty
  • Is Easy to handle and install
  • Is Lightweight and breathable
  • Is Environment-friendly and recyclable

Made with HDPE, Joyeyou car hail netting treated with UV stabilizers. The treatment makes our product durable and resistant to damage caused by UV radiation.

Besides protecting your vehicles against hailstorms, our car hail netting is equally effective in safeguarding your car against other weather extremities including heavy rainfall, windstorms, and excruciating heat and sunlight.

Our options are eco-friendly and budget-friendly. The breathable material allows proper ventilation and prevents moisture from building up on the car which could damage the finish of the vehicle.


Joyeyou Hail protecting nets are:

Company Capabilities

Our highest standards of quality in the production and installation process are our pride. Joyeyou car hail nets are knitted with UV-treated HDPE thread. Available in different mesh sizes and colors including white, green, and black, our hail netting for cars is priced reasonably to make it accessible by a majority.

Our hardworking team of 120, working in a 10,000 square meters space produces 150 containers of products each year. The large production system allows us to handle your orders with strict deadlines.

Related Products

Joyeyou also manufactures:

  • Safety Debris Netting

Safety Debris Netting helps prevent debris and small objects to fall outside the working site; thus creating a protective environment for both the laborers and the immediate population.

  •  Hail Netting for Gardens

Hail netting for gardens helps save plants and crops from excessive rain, hail, frost, pests, and insects.

  • Nursery Shade Cloth:

Protects sensitive plants from direct sunlight and heat. Also, filters out the harmful Ultra Violet radiations.

Call to Action

Tired of the repetitive hail damage to the cars? It’s time to save your vehicle. Book your appointment with Joyeyou and our experts will come up with the best solution to your problem.


Q1.     What is the best size of the net I should buy?

A1.       You must measure the size of your park area accurately to guarantee the proper installation of the net. Nets come in different sizes. Once you calculate the length and width of your park area, we can assist you in getting the right size.

Q2.     Is it advisable to spend money on hail netting for cars?

A2.       You must have faced greater damage with the changing weather and the striking of hails against your car. This is very concerning and calls for urgent action to barricade your vehicles against hailstorms given the dents can be deep and enduring, demanding expensive repairs.

Q3.     Can a hail-protecting net be used in any other way?

A3.       Joyeyou hail netting can be used to protect gardens, plants, crops, and fields from severe weather conditions and damage by pests and insects.

Q4.     Can hail netting for cars protect cars from other threats?

A4.       Hail netting for cars is a multipurpose shield that can save your car from hailstorms, heavy rainfall, excessive snowfall, birds dropping, snow windstorms, and sunburn.

Q5. Can tarps protect my car against hail?

Traps are thin. Given that, they can not provide absolute protection against the hail. You can use a thick tarp, which may be an extra mile than a thin one, still, you will need to tie blankets under the tarp to ensure a sustainable and effective cover.

Q6. Is it difficult to install a car hail net?

Usually, the installation process is easy. The net comes with a pre-built frame. All you have to do is secure the net on the frame with the provided accessories. However, if you are not sure, you can always avail expert help.

Have any questions? Reach out and we will help you through the process. 


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