The centerpiece of outdoor furniture, the garden table is a key element whose choice, but also maintenance can be complicated. To help you find the model that suits your desires and needs, here are some ideas.

Whether to share meals and aperitifs with family or friends; to play board games or to work in the pleasant setting of your garden, a table is essential. To make your choice, a few criteria must be taken into account:

  • The size of your future tableThis is the first important parameter to consider depending on the space available in your garden, on your terrace or on your balcony. Small garden tables are ideal if you are looking for versatile furniture that can be moved around easily.

    On the other hand, if you are used to hosting large, convivial tables, a larger table is required for the comfort of your guests. Finally, if you want a practical and modular table according to your needs, you can set your sights on an extendable garden table. A folding garden table, which you can easily deploy or store as you wish, can also be a good ally to save space.

  • The materials your table is made ofThe materials are to be chosen according to your tastes, but above all the use made of them and the time you wish to devote to their maintenance. The wooden garden tables are treated to be rot-proof and come in several colors depending on the species: garden tables in teak, acacia, pine or composite wood bring a natural and authentic side to terraces and balconies, blend in perfectly in gardens, but require some maintenance.

    Metal is another popular material that combines aesthetic charm and ease of maintenance: iron or aluminum garden tables are easy to combine with beautiful garden chairs. Moreover, they are durable pieces of furniture that add a modern touch to your exterior.

    Finally, you can also opt for a resin garden table or a designer stone garden table: both are also weatherproof, but their weight difference must be taken into account.

  • Finally, the shape of your table is also important.At Westwing, we offer a wide selection of round, semi-circular, square or rectangular garden tables. Once again, we advise you to let your desires do the talking while keeping the practical aspect in mind!

How to maintain your garden table in perfect condition?

Depending on the materials that make up your garden table, it will require more or less maintenance.

Resin and metal are easy to maintain and only require regular cleaning with soapy water. Nevertheless, in the event of a splinter on your iron garden table (often due to a major shock), beware of rust! Applied quickly, a local anti-rust treatment will generally be enough to stop the corrosion.

The wood can be more complicated to maintain in perfect condition, since depending on the species, it will sometimes need to be pampered with oil, wax or even with a stain. In the event of stains that are too deeply encrusted, sanding your table will make up for the damage.

However, we recommend that you use suitable equipment (sander; grain of paper; protections for you, etc.) and to always sand in the direction of the grain of the wood so as not to damage your table.

Painting tips for your wooden table

If you are ever tired of the color of your wooden table, know that you can always paint it according to your desires!

Start by preparing your surface with thorough cleaning and sanding. Then let your handyman side express itself with a paint suitable for outdoor use!

Often monolayer, there are specialized ranges for the renovation of wooden garden furniture. Use a paintbrush for the hard-to-reach corners, then cover the flat surfaces with a roller. Voila, your wooden garden table is now like new!

Enjoy your garden or balcony with our collection of pretty garden tables. You can also find chairs, outdoor side tables or other furniture to furnish your outdoor space.

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