A brief overview of yoga importance and rules

Yoga Importance & Rules- The rules and importance of Yogasan are incomparable. Yogasanas are activities to keep the inner body healthy. The body which is visible from the outside is only an ossuary and there is a mass above to give it form. Unless our inner body is healthy, its function will not be good, and we cannot remain healthy. We see that the heart has to work 24 hours a day, not even a moment’s rest. The heart can get rest only when the path of carrying blood and bringing it back with the disorder is very clear. Even a slight blockage can cause disease. To overcome these diseases, Things to Do In Rishikesh yoga asanas are used because, with the help of yoga asanas, we can also cure our diseases. So let’s know the importance of yoga asanas.

Importance of Yogasanas:

  • By doing this, the disorders are removed, the body becomes healthy, and there is a deep effect on the intestines, due to which diseases like indigestion, gas, constipation, rot, etc. are destroyed.
  • By doing yoga, there is a glow on the face, strength in the body, enthusiasm in the mind, and power in the intellect.
  • Samadhi of the mind is attained by yogic actions. This condition is a unique achievement of human life.
  • A person surrounded by problems experiences happiness and peace by attaining this state. All his sorrows go away forever.
  • Yogasanas will increase mental power so that you will start doing your work smoothly.
  • There will be a tendency to think positively instead of negatively, due to which all your work will be completed efficiently.

Why Yogasanas are different from foreign exercises?

What is such a specialty in Yogasanas that it should be made a part of life itself? The answer is as follows:-

  • All the other exercises, mainly affect the muscles, due to which the outer body appears strong, there is not that much effect on the machines working inside, due to which the person is not able to stay healthy for a long time, whereas the person’s age is due to yoga asanas. It is long, gets amazing power to get the disorders out of the body, and the cells of the body are more and less broken.
  • Space and resources are needed for other exercises and games. Sports cannot be played without companions, whereas yoga asanas can be done alone on the rug and sheet.
  • Other exercises have little effect on the mind and senses, whereas yoga asanas increase mental strength and control the senses.
  • Other exercises require a higher dosage, which incurs more expenditure, whereas yoga asanas require very little food.
  • The curative power of the body is developed by yoga asanas, due to which the body does not allow any foreign matter to stay inside, it tries to expel it immediately, due to which you are free from disease.
  • Yogasanas create flexibility in the body, due to which the person remains agile, the circulation of blood in every part of the body is fine, and even in old age, the person looks young and the power to work remains. Due to other exercises, the muscles become stiff, the body becomes rigid, and old age comes quickly.

Yogasana is better for internal body parts:

  • Just as the drains clean the dirt by sweeping, and throwing water, in the same way, with different rugs, they clean the blood vessels and cells, so that there is a departure in them and the body is free from disease. This can be done only by Kevak Yogasan Kriyas and not by other exercises. With other exercises, the heart rate increases, and the blood is not completely purified.
  • The blood is purified by the lungs. Through yoga asanas and pranayama, we increase the power of expansion and contraction of our lungs so that more and more oxygen can fill the air in the lungs and purify the blood. In other exercises, the lungs breathe quickly, due to which the prana air does not reach the end of the lungs, which results in disorder, and disorder is the cause of disease.
  • At present, due to wrong living and unnatural food, the work of the digestive system does not work smoothly. Yogasanas prove to be very helpful in keeping them active, while other exercises worsen the digestion process.
  • Our youth depends on the spine. All blood circulation and pulse circulation, through this, spread in the body. The more flexibility remains in the spine, the more the body will be healthy, the life will be longer, and the mental balance will be maintained. This is possible only with Yogasanas.
  • Other exercises will make you tired, and expend a lot of energy, whereas strength is gained from yoga asanas because yoga asanas have done slowly and comfortably, they are said to be non-violent and peace-loving activities.
  • The yoga system is the best method for physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual development. No other method can match this.

Rules and methods of doing yoga asanas:

Follow the following rules of yoga as much as possible, only then you will get full benefits.

  • Practice yoga asanas early in the morning after retiring from defecation etc. It will be even better if you do yoga asanas after taking a bath. Taking a bath makes the body lighter, brings flexibility, and eases well. By the way, even in the evening, when the stomach is empty, then asanas can be done.
  • The place of asana should be quiet and clean. It is very good if asanas are done in a Udayanavatika.
  • The place where you do the asana should be flat. Asanas should be done by laying rugs or blankets so that the magnetic power of the ground does not break your meditation.
  • While doing yoga, do not talk at all, focus your attention on the breath and the part on which the force is falling. The more you concentrate and do asanas, the more physical and mental benefits you will get. Before starting the asana, do Shavasana and calm your breathing, body, and mind.
  • Gradually increase the practice of yoga asanas. Try every day to reach the perfect position of the asana. Gradually, your beds will open and there will be flexibility in the body.
  • It may take six months or even a year to reach the full state of the asana.
  • Therefore, without getting discouraged, keep practicing the asanas daily, and success will be certain.
  • Practice wearing a minimum of asanas according to the season. Do asanas by tying a nappy at the bottom and putting a briefcase on top.

Method of doing yoga:

  • Yogasanas can be practiced by all classes of children, old men, and women. People from ten years to 60-65 years can practice yoga. The practice of asanas should be done methodically after learning from a knowledgeable person. Yogasana is a scientific method. It is related to the internal organs of the body. So without learning, there is a possibility of loss.
  • The person doing yoga should keep his food light. Food should be digestible, Sattvik, and natural. The lighter the meal, the more his working power will increase. The body will remain light.
  • Initially, do not do too many asanas in a single day. Do each asana with your eyes closed. Do not come quickly from the first position to the last position and back from the last position.
  •  Like Paschimottasana and its Upasana, Konasana, Matsyasana after Sarvangasana, etc.
  • The criterion of whether the practice of yoga asanas is being done properly and whether you are getting their benefits or not is that your body after doing the asanas is fatigue-free, light-weight, your work power increases, and day by day you Look young.
  • After the end of the yoga asanas, do Shavasana for some time. The benefit of asanas will be available only when you give some rest to the body after doing Shavasana. 
  • Do not eat anything for at least half an hour after finishing the program of Yogasan Pranayama for one hour. Rather, if you take complete rest or sleep for an hour, then yoga asanas will have special benefits. Because the internal organs that you have activated in one hour of practice will work fast on rest and will give strength to the body and mind by keeping all the disorders out of the body and making them healthy and strong.


Yogasana is very useful to keep the body and mind healthy and strong. The specialty of Yogasanas is that more than the amount of these actions are to the body, it increases the concentration power of the mind. And the intellect, the power of perception, etc., arising out of the concentration of the mind, also develops intellectual powers.


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