High-ticket sales reps have a consultative approach with their clients, finding the perfect product or service for their clients. They never try to pressure their client’s sales closer. They use their expertise to help their clients reach their goals. This consultative approach is the key to high ticket sales. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your sales calls.

Building rapport

Developing a rapport with your prospects is the key to making a sale. This relationship leads to a deeper understanding of the prospect’s needs and desires, more referrals, and repeat business. But despite the importance of rapport in sales, most people are skeptical about sales development representatives. If you’d like to build rapport with your prospects, follow these five proven steps.

The first step is to find places where your target audience hangs out and make yourself available to them. You can start by joining communities and adding value to the conversations that you engage in. You can also rebrand your products and services to be more valuable to your prospects.

Consultative sales process

When pursuing a high ticket sale, it is helpful to follow a consultative sales process. This process includes asking questions to help the salesperson understand the client’s needs. This way, he or she can better frame the conversation and convey a value proposition that will resonate with the client.

In order to succeed in the high-ticket sales field, salespeople must have a scalable sales funnel and lead generation system. This will allow them to generate more revenue and increase their commission payout. This means creating an online sales funnel that targets ideal clients and engages highly qualified buyers. A high-ticket sales funnel should include a landing page, lead magnet, and opt-in page.

Lead generation

Lead generation is an essential part of your sales funnel strategy, especially when it comes to high-ticket sales. As you probably know, selling expensive products or services is incredibly difficult. That’s why it’s important to create a well-defined funnel plan that will guide your prospects through the sales funnel and acquire qualified leads.

When generating high ticket sales, you need to employ different marketing tactics than you would for lower ticket products. For instance, a high-ticket coaching or consulting product may include both a digital course and a coaching session. These types of products often include multiple tiers and can cost hundreds of dollars.

Closing calls

Closers of high-ticket products need to have a good idea of what they’re doing right from the very beginning. The first step is to understand what high ticket sales are, and the second step is to develop rapport with your prospects. Oftentimes, high-ticket purchases require a bit of time to decide on, so a sale may not happen immediately. A follow-up call is a good way to cultivate the relationship, ask questions, and learn more about your client.

The third step is to listen intently. This is important because it can help you understand what your prospect is really thinking. If you know what they are thinking about before you start your call, you can tailor your sales presentation to address their concerns and lead them to the action you want them to take.

Facebook Budget

If you’re looking to improve your high ticket coaching business, it’s important to optimize your Facebook ads. By doing this, you’ll have more control over your costs and can create more targeted ads. You can also control how many times you want to show your ads. Using Facebook’s ad system, you can sell high-ticket programs to people who haven’t spent money on your services yet. Then, you can offer a smaller offer that includes a complimentary coaching call. This will help you sell your services and prove their value.


If you’re thinking about selling high-ticket coaching, the first step is to build rapport with potential clients. It’s human nature to buy from people we trust and like. This will help you move the conversation forward and get the sale. The second step is to qualify your potential clients. This will allow you to get to know them and tailor your message accordingly.

One way to track your results is to divide new clients by new sales conversations. This will help you determine how many High-Tickets you sell in a quarter, month, or year.

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