An interior without a green plant is like a pancake without sugar, it’s a bit bland. To green your home like a queen of decor, we reveal the trendy decor ideas with an indoor plant in 2023.

Whether in XXL format, mini version, coloured, climbing or arborescent, green plants are the stars of the moment in our interiors. Just scroll through social networks and look at the number of Instagram accounts dedicated to plants to be convinced. A plant decoration is a must.

First, because indoor plants bring freshness, life and nature to your home. Then, because they can fit into all the rooms of a house and match with all types of decoration. Finally, plants need to be taken care of, so it is very satisfying to help a plant grow and see it flourish. For all these reasons, and to bring a touch of the times, here are our trendy interior plant decoration ideas.

10 major aesthetic trends in indoor plants

1. A trendy decoration with an indoor plant in a mini version

Baby plants are popular. They are less expensive, often easier to maintain and can be displayed as small decorative objects. On a piece of furniture, a shelf, a coffee table, in a kitchen… They invite themselves wherever we want. Also, we are more attentive to the development of small plants. Many people like to see their species grow before their eyes.

2. Plants XXL versions

Next to baby plants, XXL plants are also trending. Banana tree, Monstera Deliciosa, ferns… These species have the power to dress an entire room on their own.

3. Ceramic flowerpots, the trendy interior plant decorative touch

Forget rattan or wicker, in 2023, planters are made of ceramic. Ceramics which invites itself, at the same time, everywhere in our kitchen. This material offers a rawer, more minimalist, more modern look that decoration addicts appreciate.

4. Ficus elastica: a classic indoor plant

The ficus elastica known as rubber for its leaves with the appearance of this material offers a vintage atmosphere that is a hit in 2023. In Feng Shui, it is very popular because with its rubber leaves, it allows you to round the corners of ‘a play.

5. Aloe vera: the decorative and healing plant

Beauty gurus all have Aloe Vera at home! This resistant plant is a popular ally in cosmetics. In addition, she has a unique look. To reveal its character, place it in an arty pot.

6. Depolluting indoor plants

Health and well-being are 2 areas that have prevailed more than ever in recent years. It is not surprising that depolluting and purifying plants are popular.

7. A green wall for an imposing decoration

In a living room, a bathroom, a bedroom…. The green wall takes off. It gives a room an arty and original atmosphere that no wallpaper can match.

8. Aerial plant decoration with hanging plants

In 2023, plants no longer land on the ground or on a piece of furniture but fall from the ceiling like a vegetable rain. Go for models at Homary! The star of the moment? The senecio but also the tradescantia zebrina with its pink tones.

9. Carnivorous plants, the trend with bite

Sarracenia, nepenthes, sundew… carnivorous plants with their atypical look settle in the interiors of those who are not shy.

10. A plant instead of a painting

In 2023, plants are works of art. To give an artistic touch to your interior this year, opt for original, colorful, impressive plants… What do you need? Let the plant have the same effect as a painting. That’s to say? Let her catch the eye. What are we thinking? At the flamingo plant.

Which indoor plant for which decorative style?

Some plants inevitably call up certain memories, atmospheres or even images. To green your interior and give it the right tone, here are 6 plants depending on the atmosphere you want to create.

  1. For a graphic look: monstera deliciosa

    Its large leaves with totally unique holes will create a graphic atmosphere in an interior. To change from the classic and be a bit more hype, adopt the monstera deliciosa variegata. The leaves of the latter are green but also with white mottling.

  2. For a holiday look: the lemon tree or the olive tree

    Lemon trees and olive trees can be grown in pots. They will simply keep a smaller size than outdoors. Very aesthetic but also fragrant, they are reminiscent of holidays and bring the sun into our interiors.

  3. For an Instagrammable interior: the pilea peperomioides

    His name may not mean anything to you, but you have undoubtedly already seen him on social networks. The pilea peperomioides also called “Chinese currency” is in all the interiors of addicted plants. Its coin-shaped leaves bring a touch of poetry to a decoration.

  4. For a contemporary interior: the pachira

    The braided trunk finished with a crown of green pachira leaves gives this semi-tree plant an atypical, airy and unique look. It is definitely the species to adopt in a house with a contemporary style.

  5. For an exotic atmosphere: the cactus

    To feel like you’re on vacation without leaving your couch, set your sights on cacti. We like to place it in a terracotta pot that is even more reminiscent of the south!

  6. For a Zen touch: bonsai

    This tree native to China will create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in your interior.

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